About Us

Hunter Community Languages, established in July 1996, is an incorporated association dedicated to promoting and preserving language diversity in our community. 

Governed by a committee of up to 11 passionate members, we work together to ensure the success of our organisation. Led by our Chairperson, our committee includes individuals holding key positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, Public Officer, and dedicated general committee members. 

Our current committee includes members from our Chinese, German, Nepalese, Polish, Spanish, Sri Lankan, and Tamil Indian communities. 

To ensure effective communication and collaboration, we convene once each term, and in term 4, we hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Our Education Officer plays a crucial role in reporting to the committee during our meetings, ensuring the smooth functioning of our programs and initiatives.

There are two ways you can support our work:

Join us - apply to become a member here and let's work together to build vibrant communities through language;

Make a donation here - your financial support helps us to help our schools.

Kara Matheson profile photo
Kara Matheson Education Officer presentation

Education Officer Support

Kara Matheson BA Grad Dip Ed AMICDA Australian Progress 2020 National Fellow, is the Education Officer at Hunter Community Languages.

Kara is an accredited Proficient Teacher with NESA. Kara has been teaching languages (English and Japanese) to children and adults for nearly 30 years, in schools and at TAFE.

Kara is also a trained and experienced teacher of modalities that strengthen learners' Personal and Social Capability. This is a critical part of education, as described in the Australian Curriculum and in all NSW Curricula.

In her role as Education Officer, Kara:

  • writes and delivers quality training for Community Languages Schools;
  • provides advice and guidance on establishing new Community Language Schools;
  • provides guidance with administering a Community Language School;
  • liaises with host schools;
  • promotes the NSW Community Languages Schools Program;
  • administers Hunter Community Languages and reports to the Hunter Community Languages Board.

"I am constantly delighted and inspired by the work being done in NSW community languages schools. This Program is supporting bilingual and multilingual Australians who seamlessly traverse cultures. What an asset for our country! I am proud to work in the Community Languages Schools Program." - Kara

Meet the Board

Mrs Basia Pinkowski


Dr Ayanka Wijayawardena


Mrs Massi Romero

Public Officer

Ms Caroline Ding


Mrs Hari Gnana Sudha Duraiswamy

General Committee Member

Mr Beer Rai

General Committee Member

Dr Renate Thienel

General Committee Member

Gwendoline Mooney

General Committee Member

Mrs Mirfa Begum Mohamed Arshan

General Committee Member

Monica Njoroge-Eaton

General Committee Member

Our sponsors

Hunter Community Languages receives funding from the NSW Government through the NSW Department of Education to support the NSW Community Languages Schools Program.

We are grateful to these organisation for funding our projects and supporting our mission

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