Hunter Community Languages offers 3 kinds of training to teachers, managers, and committees of community language schools:

Self-access online training

You can access our teaching and management courses on this website and work through them in your own time.

You will receive a unique certificate of completion if you complete the full course.

If you work at a community language school that is registered with the NSW Department of Education's Community Languages School Program, you can access courses for free - request access and if you are eligible you will be given the free access code to use when you enrol in a course.

Live online training

Our Education Officer provides live sessions that are related to the self-access courses, so that you can talk to her and other CLS teachers about your experience and get coaching in how to apply the ideas in the online courses.

Subscribe to this site to get notified when this training is running.

You are welcome to join Kara's Coaching Clinic for Community Language School (CLS) Teachers in Term 3 (August - September), 2023. You can join the course here.

You will have the opportunity to meet online with Kara and other teachers 6 times in Term 3, plus you will have access to the online Coaching Clinic Community Space for extra support.

In-person training

Our Education Officer delivers in-person training each term for the Department of Education at their Community Language Schools' Mini Conferences, in various parts of Sydney.

Kara provides in-person training in the Hunter Region, for our members, several times each year. Watch the video to get a glimpse of our engaging sessions and discover how they can benefit you and your language school. Don't miss out on these valuable training opportunities!

What can we help you achieve?

Join our community and establish your Community Language School. We provide access to coaching and skills-building to help plan, manage and grow your Community Language School.