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Explicit Direct Instruction - Teaching Techniques to love

Kara Matheson

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4 minutes

Explicit Direct Instruction offers practical, evidence-based techniques for helping teachers to make their lessons more engaging and to improve student learning outcomes. Kara has created a course for each of these techniques, which NSW teachers can access for free.

I had the great privilege of teaching in a primary school where I was mentored in how to use these Explicit Direct Instruction techniques in my teaching.

I spent hours watching expert teachers using these techniques with their students and was always impressed by how much students were encouraged to verbalise their thinking, their understanding. The teacher used one of these techniques on the poster (pictured) every 2 minutes. There were no long teacher monologues in these classes.

I used the techniques in my classes, in primary classes and high school classes, and really enjoyed the teaching a lot more; I loved seeing the students so engaged and motivated, there was a strong community of learning and the lessons were really dynamic.

I encourage teachers to try just one of the techniques for 1 term, and see how it goes.

The Pair-share is a great one, especially for language classes. Make sure you do the course first, and try to set the Pair-share up for success. If it's a bit messy the first few times, keep reflecting on why it didn't work and try again. You can also get in touch to brainstorm with me: kara@hcls.org.au

Calling a Non-volunteer is another good one to start with. Have a look at that course too. Maybe plan to use it 2 times in one lesson to start with, and see how it goes. A lot of mainstream school teachers use this technique so your students will probably know how it works.

Preparing lessons that use these techniques requires planning and thought.

Your students will love it if you start including these teaching techniques in your lessons!