Inspirational children’s book about a refugee child

Kara Matheson

Reading Time:

2 minutes

‘The Ribbon’ was commissioned by Legal Aid NSW’s Refugee Service to educate refugee communities about the free legal assistance available in NSW through Legal Aid NSW. The book, created by Lost in Books Fairfield, was officially launched this week to mark Refugee Week 2023.

An inspirational children’s book about a refugee child migrating to Australia with their family, is helping disadvantaged refugees, including domestic violence victim-survivors, access legal help.

The book was written by Assyrian-Australian writer Monikka Eliah and illustrations were designed by refugee and illustrator Hussein Nabeel.

The bilingual tale (available in Arabic, Dari, Burmese and Swahili) uses the analogy of a tight ribbon to help children understand the emotions associated with moving to a new country. It is a story of hope with one powerful message:

We are not alone. For the heavy knots we feel, there are special hands that can try to untie them.

A digital copy of the book can be accessed here: The Ribbon – English and Arabic by Legal Aid NSW - Flipsnack