Planning a Community Language School

Here is our guide to help you start a new Community Language School in your area.

There are five key steps to follow....

5 Steps


Ask around in your community; are there parents with school age children who are willing to participate and want to enrol their children in your school?

You may want to put up posters in your local library, community notice board, and of course on social medai.

Funding under the Community Languages Schools Program is for students from K-12.

Create a ‘Student’s interested in enrolling’ form to keep track of interested families.Once classes are set up, each parent then fills out an Enrolment Form.


You can choose your own premises. Some schools teach in their community hall, club or religious building.

You can apply to use NSW Government School facilities for your school program. Registered Community Languages Schools have free use of Government School facilities. It can take at least 1 year to get registered, so you may need to hire facilities for at least 12 months.

Decide on the most convenient suburb for your students to attend your language school - look at student details of where they live/go to school). Then find the government school (primary or high school) and prepare to approach that school to request hosting.

Read the guide about Approaching a School to seek use of its premises.

Please note: Schools which are teaching the same language cannot operate within 2km of each other.

If a public school agrees to host your CLS, you will be required to sign a Community Use Agreement. This is a contract between your organisation and the host school, so it is important that you familiarise yourself with the Terms of this contract - have a look at one here.


You will need to track your income and expenditure. This is an example of how you can set up your bookkeeping with an Income, Expenditure and Petty Cash sheet

After receiving a grant from the Department of Education, at the end of the year you will need to have information on your income and expenditure to complete a Grant Acquittal Report. You can see the Grant Acquittal Forms here.


Now that you have an Incorporated Association you need to have some Policies and Procedures that say how you will run your organisation, so that your actions are legal and ethical.

This Governance Toolkit is an excellent place to start planning your organisation's policies and procedures.

Hunter Community Languages has a members-only course for the development of vital policies and procedures - Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy.


Teaching resources are a very important part of excellent teaching in your school.

There are several ways to find resources for teaching your language:

Once you have some resources, you can start planning your Teaching Program. Click on this button to access the course Planning What to Teach, it includes templates for you to use as you plan.

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