Your Organisation's Governance

In order to apply for funding and to join the NSW Community Language Schools Program, you have to create an Incorporated Association (an organisation). This organisation is a legal entity and it needs to be governed responsibly.

Governing an organisation can be compared to organising and running a village - information must be shared, decisions made, and rules set, to make sure things run fairly and smoothly.

In a village, there is a group of respected leaders who make important decisions for the community. Similarly, in your organisation you have a committee or board that oversees the operations and makes important decisions about policies, budgets, and programs.

Just as the village leaders listen to the needs and opinions of the villagers, the governing body in an organisation considers the input of its members when making decisions. This way, everyone's voice is heard, and decisions are made with the best interests of the school community in mind.

Good governance also means ensuring that the village or school is well-managed financially. Just like a village needs to handle its resources wisely, a community language school needs to manage its money carefully to ensure it can provide quality education and support for its students. Access courses to help with this here.

In summary, governance in a community language school is like the organization and decision-making in a village. It involves making decisions, listening to different voices, and managing resources effectively to create a thriving and supportive environment for learning.

Below is a link to an excellent Governance Toolkit, produced by The Settlement Council of Australia. It covers:

  • Setting up an organisation
  • Achieving good governance
  • Practical issues such as holding meetings; keeping minutes and meeting records; managing money
  • Top Tips for Good Governance
Download Toolkit
Governance of Community Language Schools

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